ODM Technologies selects the best IT providers from all-around the world to provide its French client with lower-cost yet high quality development.

Through its partner selection process ODM Technologies keeps identifying, assessing and referencing new partners.

The formal referencing process ends with non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, which may lead to the attribution of small (paid) projects for testing purposes. 

Although we respect our partners' internal processes, we may request a right to validate and adapt project management methodologies so as to abide by our quality control requirements.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to solicit quotes from various suppliers in order to provide our clients with the best option at the specific time of their request.

Current geographical distribution

  • Russia
  • India
  • Others*

* Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Tunisia, Ukraine

Partner classification

We have established a classification for our partners :

  • Category A : Reference supplier 
    These companies have wide local and international experience in their activity sectors.
  • Category B :  Installed supplier
    These mid-size companies usually have significant local experience but limited international exposure.
  • Category C : Stable supplier
    We may rely on smaller companies when they employ talented individuals with key-skills (specific technologies, graphism, animation...).