Robotics : Furo

Furo - Future Robots

A multi-services robot, always available for greeting and helping visitors

Thanks to its two large screens, its mobility and autonomy, able to communicate in more than 30 languages and to recognize faces, FURo is a robotized hostess that will enhance trade shows and commercial spaces

Advanced functionalities

  • Touchscreen 21" LCD screen on the front
  • Facial, vocal and emotional recognition
  • Programmable interactions
  • Multi-lingual communication (up to 30 languages)
  • Autonomous mobility and automatic recharging
  • Obstacles avoidance
  • Smart avatar
  • Plus: Smart card reader, RFID reader, printer, 9" back LCD

Use cases

  • Trade show visitors orientation
  • Museum guide
  • Banking agency receptionist
  • Automated real estate visits
  • Children entertainment
  • Restaurant order taking

ODM services

As a European partner and reseller of Future Robot, ODM Technologies provides various services involving FURo: 

  • Distribution of the FURo brand
  • Configuration, setup and systems integration
  • R&D studies on the impact of robots in the corporate space
  • Multimedia content design and production 
FURo, by Future Robots : multi-service robotized hostess

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FURo, in Etland mall 

FURo presentation

FURo on SBS/CNBC (03 2011)

Opening ceremony of the Robot Adventure at the National Science Museum  (Korean)

FURo service at Coex mall

FURo at the Hospital